Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Relieved



I'm so happy!!!! We leave tomorrow morning for a week. It's an impromptu trip, but Buddy is on Spring Break, my sister has the time off so it all worked out perfect.
I'm sad to leave Daughter but she'd rather enjoy her Spring Break her than Oklahoma.

My Dad

I'm a daddy's girl through and through. I've mentioned it quite a few times that my dad (who lives in Oklahoma) and I have a standing date everyday to talk on my drive home. Usually, if one of us can't make our "date" we'll call and let the other know.
Yesterday my sister called to let me know that my dad was at the doctor for "tests" and that he wouldn't be home in time for our talk. And that there was the possibility that he might have to stay over because the tests were running late and instead of sending him home and bringing him back they decided to keep him. This didn't sound right. My dad is notorious for not wanting to worry us so he doesn't tell us the whole truth. My sister and I both didn't think it was on the up and up so we started calling around to different hospitals with no luck of finding him.
He called last night around 5:35 but I missed his call. I was beside myself because I didn't hear my phone ring. He didn't leave a message and when I tried to call back it went right to voice mail.
This morning my sister found the hospital he was at and asked to be transferred to his room only to learn that he couldn't take calls because he is in the ICU! I understand his desire not to upset or scare his girls but if you are in the hospital you really need to let us know why you are there. I'm telling myself that was the reason he was calling me last night was to let me know that he was ok and not to worry. I would worry but I'd much rather him tell me than not tell. I'm a big girl. Tell me!
My uncle talked to my sister and said that he checked himself in because he could tell his heart rate was accelerated. He had a massive heart attack 11 years ago, has diabetes and is also a Cancer survivor so he's on a lot of medication. They are keeping him to run tests and monitor his heart rate.
I'm in tears thinking of him in the hospital by himself.
MapQuest says it's 22 hours to drive. I'm going.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Was Buddy's birthday party. Bowling Party!!!
I had 12 ACTIVE boys ranging in ages between 8 - 10. They all had a great time. Especially the birthday boy. He was in heaven with all of his friends.

He loaded up on gift cards to Target.
One of his favorite gifts was from my sister - an iPod Shuffle. He was so surprised and so excited "I can't believe I have an iPod Shuffle"...
This is the look of - Is this what I think it is??

All his gift cards were burning a hole in his pocket so I took him to Target so he could pick up some things. And because it has been such a crazy busy week I had not done any birthday shopping or Easter basket shopping (bad mom) I took notes on what grabbed his attention. After shopping with him I quickly dropped him off with J so I could go back to Target and also hit up Toys R Us to pick up birthday presents and Easter basket goodies. Just like Christmas Stockings, I'm big on Easter baskets.

I dashed in and out of the stores like a mad woman. I only had 2 hours to do everything I needed to do.

Made it home in just enough time to get Buddy all dressed for his game and put on my Angel jersey and we were out the door.
Buddy's team and the team we were playing were both 2-0. This game decided who would be the only team in the division that would be undefeated. What a crazy game. Early on we were down 5 - 1. Our little guys did not give up. The game was back and fourth and the parents were all into it.
Buddy had an awesome hit that started off the rally.
Rally Time!!!

In the bottom of the last inning we were tied up at 10 - 10. We were down to our last out and the batter was at a 2-0 count (2 strikes, no balls). We had a runner on second ready to go. Bless his little heart - the batter hit a home run!!! We won the game 12 - 10. It was awesome. They boys were so excited as were the parents.
I'm so thrilled that we are on this team and I think this season will be a great

After we got home from the game, we put together the baskets and hid the eggs.

Daughter's had gift certificates for a manicure and pedicure, key chain with a
Duncan dog on it,
lip balm ball
and a few other little odds and ends. According to her it was a "Dank Easter basket".

Buddy's was filled with toys

Slim Jims (gross but he loves them) and a few other items. He was so happy with it.
I've always done Easter morning the same way. The kids put out empty baskets by their doors so when they wake up in the morning they have something to put the eggs they find in. I leave a trail of eggs down the hall into the living room where most of the eggs are hidden.

Buddy was the first one up of course - it was his birthday AND Easter!! I felt like I had just gone to sleep but I couldn't blame him for being so excited. Daughter has always been so good to get up early and play along finding the eggs. This year though she was so tired (she had worked the night before) she "let" Buddy find and keep all the eggs.
Duncan was a great help.

After finding the eggs and opening the baskets
we made a birthday/Easter breakfast with chorrizo, potatoes, bacon, sausage, and eggs. I think he was thrilled - he declared "I love our family". Precious.
Continuing on with our busy busy weekend my mom and sister came over for a birthday/Easter bbq. J loves to bbq and I love to eat bbq so we are a good team. He made ribs and steaks, I made twice baked potatoes and mom brought a yummy pasta salad. He wanted a lemon bundt cake with lemon frosting for his birthday cake. I present to you the ugliest (but moist and yummy) birthday cake.

He loved it even if it was ugly.
We had to get ready for our next event of the day.

The Laker game!!!!!!
See what I mean about it being a busy weekend??? We left Ventura around 4:30 and made it in record time to the Staples Center.
We got our food and settled in our seats when I noticed that you could text a message to have it displayed up on the jumbo screen. I quickly went to work and within a few minutes

The first half of the game was awful. J is a Laker fan through and through - he said this might have been some of the worst playing he's ever seen. They were down at one time by 27. The second half was much much better. The Laker's defense was back in the game and had only a few turnovers. They were able to catch up and tie it in the last few minutes of the game. We were having such a great time. The darn Warriors shot a couple 3s in the last minute winning the game at 115 - 111. A 4 point deficit is much better than a 27.

All in all it was a great game and a great way to close out the big birthday/Easter weekend.


Easter happens on the first Sunday after the first full moon that followed the spring equinox. This year, the spring equinox occurs Thursday, March 20 and will be followed by the first full moon on Friday, March 21. Thus, Easter will be celebrated around the world on Sunday, March 23 due to an unusually early full moon.

The last time the world experienced such an early Easter was in 1913; the next Easter set for March 23 is not projected until the year 2228 - over 200 years away.

Not only was yesterday Easter, but it was also Buddy's birthday. Even though it was a hectic hectic week, it was special knowing that the combination celebration Easter/birthday was a rare occurrence and will never happen again in any of our life times.
It was definitely a special 9th birthday for Buddy. According to him - it was the best birthday ever!!!

Weekend recap on it's way.

Friday, March 21, 2008

He Makes My Heart Smile

Most mothers of little boys all say the same thing - there is a special bond between a mother and her son. I agree 100% but feel that because Buddy is all mine our bond is even tighter, more special, and a bigger love than I can even put into words. When Buddy was born I prayed that he would never feel as though he was missing out on not having two parents. I prayed that I would have the right words when/if he ever asked. I prayed that I could love him so much that he would never miss someone else's love.

I am confident I have.

I love him so much I get tears in my eyes when I look at him.

This picture cracks me up... I guess he was not happy for the first day of 3rd grade.

I love him so much he makes my heart smile.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 23, 1999

This was the day I was finally going to meet my baby boy. I had to be at the hospital by 8:00am so my mom came over to stay with Ashley while I was at the hospital. I had woke up early that morning so I could write in my journal that I kept for Ashley. I told her how much I loved her and my love for her would be no less now that we were adding a new baby in our lives. I was always going to be her mommy.

My wonderful friend Jan was also my labor coach, picked me up that morning and we went to the hospital. I was given a huge room : ) and got hooked up to the monitors. Daughter’s birth had been such a breeze I was hoping for the same experience. After all, I had heard that the second birth is easier and faster than the first. Since my water had not broken Anne broke it to start the labor process. Ow, that was not fun! My contractions started but they were very small and not regular at all.

My mom and dad and sister had been in and out of the room during the day. It was nice to have them there. Nothing was happening so they upped the dose of Pitocin. Then the fun started. Remember the part about the second birth is suppose to be easier and faster than the first?? That’s a pile of crap! I was having terrible labor pains and was not dilating at all. At this point, I had to have the lights off, I couldn’t stand any noise, I didn’t want to see or hear anything! Oh and I had to pee a million times but I was hooked up to the IV so I had to drag that thing all around with me.

Finally it was time to be checked again to see if I had dilated any further. I told Jan that if I was still at a 4 I wanted an epidural. Screw the pain! Sure enough I was still at 4. We ordered the epidural and within a half an hour I was feeling no pain. I’m talking no pain! Girls, listen to Missy – don’t try to be a rock star – get the epidural.

After the epidural started to kick in, the lights came back on, my mom and dad were welcomed back into the room. I wanted to hang a disco ball up in my room and have a party. Most importantly my daughter was there. One of the huge reasons I wanted the epidural was so she wouldn’t have to see me in pain and be scared. I was having gnarly contractions (I could tell because the monitor was going crazy) but I couldn’t feel a darn thing. Best.invention.ever!

I started to dilate quicker and finally the time came to push. This was a bit trickier because you can’t feel down there so you don’t know if you are really pushing or just making an ugly face. I didn’t have to push for too long before Buddy was born. He was born at 7:10pm.

Finally MY baby was here. I had waited for this day for a very long time. I’ll be honest here, he was not a looker when he first came out. But he stole my heart the minute I looked at him. Ashley fell in love and did not want to leave her brother’s side. She wanted to hold him and kiss on him.

We quickly all fell in love with Jacob Andrew. And I continue to fall in love with him daily.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 1999

My little buddy turns 9 this Sunday, March 23rd.

My story of Buddy’s birth is quite a bit different than mine of my daughter. Not so much the birth but the story leading up to it.

November 1997 I started working at a new company after leaving the comfort and stability of a oh-so-boring job with the Government I had for 11 years. The people were very nice and the atmosphere was a lot of fun. After 5 months of working there a guy caught my attention and we began to talk, a lot. I learned that he had recently separated from his wife. We hung out often usually hiking or biking. It was a fun time for me and I was quickly falling for this "guy". I had just turned 30 and was having the time of my life. My daughter and I were just about to move into our own apartment – things were great!

We moved on July 19th 1998 and that following Wednesday I found out I was pregnant. The same day this “guy” told me he and his wife decided to work things out and were getting back together. I remember feeling so helpless and so alone and so stupid. How could I be so naive?? I waited a week before I told “him” – and his response was “I can’t be there for you and/or the baby”. I knew I’d have this baby all alone. I cried so hard during those days. I didn’t know what or how I was going to tell my daughter. How was I going to tell my family?

I don’t remember what day it was that I told my mom and sister but I do remember the day I told Ashley. It was Halloween of 1998 and was only 7. She was so confused and so upset – she felt that by me having another baby, I’d love her less. I remember her crying in her room and me crying outside her door – both of us not knowing what the future was going to be like. Over the next few months Ashley embraced the thought of a baby brother coming into our lives. She would love to feel him kick and would talk to him all the time.

Even though I was alone I was so happy. Even though I had to face “him” everyday at work and not let on that I was hurting (I had way too much pride to let him know) I was still happy because of my baby boy. I didn’t want anyone at work to know about “us” so I never told a single soul whose baby I was carrying. Looking back now, I have no idea how I did it or where I found the strength to do that. We are a lot stronger and get through a lot more than we think we can.

March 15, 1999 was my last day of work and my last day to have to see “him” everyday. I walked out of there so happy and felt so free. Finally!

My due date was not until March 23rd. I spent the week up until the birth getting everything ready. My family and I were so excited for the baby to be born. My dad flew into town so he could be here when the baby came.

I remember going to the doctor on Monday, March 22nd for my regularly scheduled appointment. Everything looked great – my midwife Anne (the same one that delivered my daughter 8 years before) asked if I wanted to induce the following day, my due date (I love punctuality). Of course!!! I ran out that day picked up items for my labor bag and got a pedicure (toes have to look cute up in the stirrups).

I was so excited, yet scared to death of what the future would be like.

A Trip to the Island

Anacapa Island that is. I've lived in Ventura for over 30 years and went to Anacapa Island for the first time yesterday with Buddy's 3rd grade class. Between the two classes and adults there were about 100 of us on the trip yesterday. The weather was gorgeous and the ocean was calm. Anacapa is about 14 miles from Ventura Harbor and took us about one and a half hours to get there. On the way over we were treated to one of the most awesome sights I've ever seen. A mega pod of dolphins. It's hard to explain just how many dolphins were out there and very hard to tell by these pictures.
They were every where, all around the boat. The captain explained a mega pod as 1,000s of dolphins - as many as 300 on the surface and 3 times that amount under the surface. It was truly spectacular.

Also on the way over we were greeted by a couple of whales. According to the Captain it's mating season so they were, you know....

It was very chilly on the way over.

When we arrived we were transported from our boat to the beach by little "dingies". That took a hecka long time to unload.

Once we all made it ashore they children were told to explore the little beach to find something for the "Naturalist" to discuss. There were plenty of shells, rocks, sticks and sea urchins.
After our discussion on the beach we hiked up the little mountain to get to the other side so we could get to the tide pools.
My heart was racing as I watched Buddy go up this little mountain (I'm afraid of heights and even more afraid when my baby is not within an arms reach of me) Yes, I'm one of "those" moms.
After a hike over a ton of rocks and we made it to our first tide pool destination.

The kids had a blast. Our guide led us on a longer and rockier trek to what were to be even better tide pools. They definitely were. Buddy was so over climbing on rocks at this point.
We all made it back to the beach with only a few kids that fell, scraped their legs or backs on rocks or bit it while climbing on rocks. I was so happy to be back on the boat. I was ready to go home. As we left we circled the island for this shot of sea lions soaking in the sun. It's hard to see them - but they are the there.

The Anacapa Island Arch
On the way back to Ventura Harbor we encountered another mega pod of dolphins. It was so fun to see once again before making it home.

Most of the children were wiped out on the way back home.
And Buddy was still smiling..... I love that boy so much!!!