Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How NOT to Write a Cover Letter....

This is what I have been doing for the past 2 weeks. Reading dumb people's lame attempts to get a job.... hmmmm wonder why they are unemployed...

"To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to submit my résumé for consideration for the Lead Customer Service position that you have available. As you will see, I have an extensive background in customer service. Realistically no mater what job a person holds weather dealing with other employees or clients, the service aspect always plays a part. I am not just randomly sending out résumés, looking at XXXX and there products. This seams to be a place that I would really enjoy working. I am moving to Oxnard August 3rd from the Woodland hills area. I would love to set up an interview to see if this would be a good fit for me as well as for National Coatings. I am available to meet at your convince.Thank you for your time and consideration."

Please people, have someone read and re-read anything that is sent out to prospective employers. Be sure to capitalize when appropriate and for goodness sake - don't misspell the person who is doing the hiring's name!!!! I'm Missy - not Missey.


dapotato said...

oh the joy! so glad i'm done with that and boss has taken over. i've seen much worse. and people like to email me calling me the male version of my name.

what's wrong with resume (with the accents)? looks right to me.

good luck. i feel your pain.

WeezerMonkey said...


But "résumé" is correct. It is a more formal variant. ;)

Winnie said...

Yikes. Well at least you easily weeded out that person ;-)

Diabolina 3.1 said...

horror scene!

weeping for our education system,